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Getting things ship shape and Bristol fashion

July 6, 2007

Like what you see? I do rather like it myself. It will certainly suffice for now. There’s something so terribly fresh about the design, the title font and this font come to that. I do get so very excited about fonts.  

This is the start of the Thoroughly Good Blog version 2. This posting isn’t the usual kind of tentative start to a blog. You know the kind of mean “I’m not really sure what to do with or what to say but I’m going to use it as a diary … “ Blah blah blah.  

No, this is merely the continuation of a blog which originally started on the Yahoo 360 network. It’s been going for 18 months but the time has come to strike out and provide more people with an opportunity to leave comments. At least, that’s the hope. 

Some people will probably look down their noses and say “Oooh, you’ve left this too late” or “Don’t you think you ought to make it look consistent with the other blog before you start on this one?” 

Possibly. But thinking about it on the way to work this morning, I rather liked the idea of people having the opportunity to have a nose around the place whilst the new blog is being built and fitted out. It’s a bit like having the opportunity to wander around the house you’ve commissioned someone else to build as they build it. I’m hoping the builders will be finished by 15 July, because the 15 July is a big for so many different reasons.  

Between now and then and the foreseeable after, don’t think there won’t be anything to read on here. Don’t think either that the stuff to read on here is a mere repetition of the stuff on the Thoroughly Good Blog on Yahoo. There’ll be bits and pieces everywhere. You will, I’m in no doubt, be totally sick of the words Thoroughly Good Blog come 15 July.


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  1. cyberi4a permalink

    So do we have to wait until the 15th to find out what is so special about the 15th?

  2. Joel permalink

    It looks great! I am not so great at keeping up to date with other’s blogs. But I like the looks of this one and I will keep up with it as long as it is interesting.

  3. “I will keep up with it as long as it is interesting.”

    There’s a challenge if ever there was one. 😉

  4. Paulchen permalink

    Does this mean that if you post a Blog on July 15th you’ll be posting for 40 days and 40 nights? Aaaarrrrgggggggghhhhhhh!

  5. Liz Clark permalink

    “I will keep up with it as long as it is interesting.”…… as the actress said to the bishop.

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