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Hard-disk TV

July 8, 2007

Sensitive Skin

Simon and I have seen a few good things on the hard-drive this week. We include them for you here:

Sensitive Skin
Joanna Lumley stars in touching new comedy
BBC2, Episode 2, Tuesday 3 July 2007

Inventive, fresh and entertaining take on prank calls

Graham Norton Show
Cagney and Lacey join Graham Norton
BBC2, Thursday 5 July

Cherie’s Story
Fiona Bruce talks to Cherie Blair
BBC1, Wednesday 4 July

Classic Britannia
Excellent introduction to “classical” music in Britain
BBC4, Saturday 7 July

We’ve scheduled in the following gems from next week’s schedule:

Doctor Who (The Runaway Bride)
Another chance to see Catherine Tate’s Doctor Who debut in this repeated Christmas special
BBC3, Monday 8pm

Thoroughly Modern: The Typewriter
BBC4, Monday 8pm

James May’s 20th Century: 747
New Series guaranteed to appeal to boys who like to understand about things.
BBC2, Tuesday

Bernard Manning
Channel 4, Thursday

First Night of the Proms
Elgar Cello Concerto and Walton’s Portsmouth Point Overture
BBC2, 8pm, Friday

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