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If you’re ever in the area

July 11, 2007

Moro Restaurant

Moro, Exmouth Market, EC1, London
(Closest Tube: Chancery Lane, Central Line + 10 minute walk)

Be sure to indulge yourself in the understated glamour that is Moro. I was there this evening to celebrate my old Suffolk friend Caroline’s “unofficial” birthday. I sat at a table was a former winner of Cardiff Singer of the World, a singer from Glyndebourne, a chap who works at the House of Lords and couple of musicians squashed at the end of the table.

The food was indulgent, the waiter service effecient and the dress code informal enough for me to feel comfortable sitting in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Not only that, but the biggest surprise of all was to be found when I went to go and pay my share of the bill. “Hello Jon!” said a very tall waiter with a firm handshake, “it is Jon, isn’t it?”

It turned out that the person who recognised me was none other than someone I’d been in contact with via another relatively unknown person I’d made contact with … on Facebook.

Be sure to go there. The waiter service is marvellous.

One Comment
  1. The power of social networks!

    I’ve eaten at Moro (just the once) and loved it. I thoroughly recommend their cookbooks as well. They take a bit of work to get right but the results are very rewarding.

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