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I’m getting ridiculously excited

July 12, 2007

Conscious as I am of how my tragic exploits bringing the world of the BBC Proms to your attention may possibly have failed, I offer up some of the more considered items for your listening pleasure. Tonight from 7.00pm on BBC Radio 3 you can get a terribly helpful preview of some of the highlights of the season in a programme hosted by the marvellous Petroc Trelawney.

Some of the music might be unknown to you, some utterly bizarre, some quite familiar. What your feeling, give it a listen either on the radio from 7.00pm BST on Thursday 12 July. You can listen online by using the BBC Radio Player. If you miss the show you can catchup using the player up to seven days later.

There’ll be a regular thing on this blog because, as all obsessives will appreciate, such large scale events as this are perfect material for bloggers such as myself.

And just to exploit the self-promotion opportunity I have here, the latest Thoroughly Good Proms video is out for your careful consideration, featuring an appearance from one dedicated Yahoo 360er type person.


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