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iPlayer tip: # 2 Prom 2 – Film Prom

July 30, 2007

Having successfully downloaded the one thing I spectacularly missed to see on TV last night (it’s a rare thing I genuinely want to watch something on TV), I was delighted to see I could catch-up via the iPlayer.

If you’ve got a login (I’m told it won’t be long before everyone who’s signed up for it will actually get their access, but if you haven’t signed up yet for god’s sake do by going here) then be sure you download “Film Prom – Prom 2”. It’s the Prom featuring the medley of music from the Carry On films. Perfect!

To guarantee finding it, login in to the site, click on “Categories”, select “Music” and select the first “Proms” icon.

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  1. David England permalink

    It is certainly very enjoyable. It also includes one of my Thoroughly Good Proms Bits, namely the organ rounding off “The Dam Busters” march.

    David (who is having great difficulty today making sense of the blog thing)

  2. Talking about beethoven

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