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Give me a drink

August 3, 2007

London Paper “article” about London drinkers

I bristled with excitement as I ripped open tonight’s copy of The London Paper (I always choose that paper over the London Lite – I prefer the font and the layout) and saw a double page spread devoted to London drinkers.

It seems that a colletion of Londonites have recorded their drinking habits in the form of a diary and in so doing all of them have failed to meet the Government’s defined weekly alcohol limits. I’m delighted to say that even when I was having a few bottles of beer every single night I didn’t come close to any of their personal totals. As for the specimens who spent between £80 and £100 on alcohol per week, they really need to get down to the supermarket. I saw 8 cans of Fosters for £6. I was tempted, very tempted.

I succeeded in resisting the 8 cans of Fosters for £6 in White City Tesco Express this lunchtime as I basked in my smugness at not having touched a drop last week and only two miniscule bottles this week (it was a special, special ocassion).

Now I’m home though, I figure that it might be rather to celebrate the passing of this milestone by having a drink. I’m delighted to announce that Simon has selected two smashing looking bottles from nearby Sainsburys which we will, no doubt, tuck into sometime during this evening’s Proms premiere. Although obviously, I will only be sniffing the beverage.

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