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Biggest night so far

August 2, 2008

BBC Homepage promotes the Stockhausen video

BBC Homepage promotes the Stockhausen video

On the one hand, it does seem rather odd to be getting excited about a Saturday night Prom concert the likes of which I wouldn’t normally jump at the chance to attend. On the other, however, the Stockhausen Day at today’s Proms was always going to be a bit special for me.

I figured I ought to go to a bit of effort and prepare myself especially for the event (this inevitably contributing to a sense of excitement about the weekend) and in so doing I also managed to overcome a personal fear I’ve had for years.
BBC Homepage promotes the Stockhausen video.
And if that wasn’t enough, I got to see my own face on the BBC Homepage because of it. I was chuffed, proud, lucky and grateful come 7pm when I finally rolled home. That made yesterday the biggest day of the year so far and tonight seem like the biggest night.
I can’t wait.
The Stockhausen Day is live on BBC Radio 3 later tonight (kicking off at 6pm and later at 10pm for a special performance of Stimmung). Catch it on iPlayer later on tonight for a week.

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