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Burger King dumps dumping a friend

January 16, 2009

Burger King’s advertising agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky has come to blows with Facebook it seems.

The social networking site wasn’t terribly comfortable with the idea that Facebook users might have their privacy rights trampled on by a Facebook campaign encouraging users to choose which friends to dump from their list in return for a Whopper coupon.

Bad form on Burger King’s part? Is it deeply unpleasant idea which leaves the victim with an unpleasant taste in the mouth and an increasing number of self-esteem issues as a result?

Or maybe .. just possibly … who knows … it was just a little joke? Something to have a giggle about?

Facebook’s response in this article makes me smile.

“This application facilitated activity that ran counter to user privacy by notifying people when a user removes a friend. We have reached out to the developer with suggested solutions.”

Maybe it’s a wild imagination or the fact that I’ve a warped sense of humour, I’m trying to imagine the telephone conversation had between Facebook and the developer. “Reaching out” wouldn’t be a phrase I would place high on my list of things which may have been said.

What’s the big deal? Obviously it’s the privacy thing and yet as I recall it’s hardly the first application developed which reveals to a user when he or she has been removed. I know. One or two people emailed me directly when they’d discovered I’d culled them. They wanted an explanation. So did I.

Like Burger King’s much-criticised Whopper Virgins campaign, I sense Burger King might have secured the equally dirty high-ground.

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One Comment
  1. cursedtea permalink

    yep … still not missing facebook …. although I now have all this free time I now have to fill 🙂
    The friend culling aspect is really unpleasant and I didn’t like it … felt like I was back in the playground again ….

    hope you are doin’ well me lovely!!

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