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No longer a top tweeter?

January 20, 2009

I’m a sucker for a bit of flattery. From time to time at work I’ll receive emails from people who are quite important. Seeing their name in my inbox – and seeing the other names the email has been sent to as well – always sets my heart racing. 

One such recent email from the website producer of the BBC’s Working Lunch opened with a line which did much to massage my ego explaining that “as [one of] the beeb’s top tweeters I’d really like to include your thoughts”  in response to her questions.

Like I say. I’m a sucker for flattery. I immediately dropped everything I was doing and emailed a (fairly lengthy) response. 

Today the article (originally printed in staff newspaper Ariel) appears on the BBC Internet Blog and – true to form – I start scouring the piece for anything I might have said. 

Nothing.  Absolutely zippo. Obviously I appreciate that just because a journalist asks me a question and I respond, I’m not guaranteed an appearance in the resulting posting. And yes, obviously, the world doesn’t revolve around me and it’s not like I haven’t had any previous exposure before. Still,  I am bereft.  I am beside myself.  My days as one of the BBC’s “top tweeters” are over, clearly. I am a nobody. 

I would stop to write more, but I need to leave my desk and go and find the website producer of the BBC’s Working Lunch to complain in the strongest terms. I will of course be charming at all times.

  1. Think yourself lucky. I wooed said producer with sushi and the odd drink, and I didn’t even get *asked* in the first place. 😦

  2. *coughs apologetically*

    ahhh but you’ve just published more about your thoughts than I would have had room for anyway….. 🙂

  3. you are forgiven Zoe .. 🙂

  4. gmtminus5 permalink

    You’ll always be one of my top tweeters

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