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TV: Big Chef takes on Little Chef

January 22, 2009


Good on ‘im, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

At times Heston Blumenthal’s foray into reality/make-over TV made me climb the walls. Not because he didn’t sit right in the format but more because of the hideous exchanges he had to go through with the Little Chef Chief Executive.

Blumenthal is a hero. We like.

And, according to the Independent, there’s a vacancy for a general manager.

Oh .. and for Brass Eye fans I’m almost certain the voice over was done by the same lady famous for “I’m going in like a ferret with a tape.”

  1. Was a good programme – safe the little cheff! ha ha.

    Antony c

  2. morton permalink

    The problems here are legion
    First, the decor looks terribly uninviting, uncomfortable…..
    The dishes are merely anticipated and not fulfilled……

    You should save money and fly to Montreal and see the the Cora’s chain of restaurants…
    Cora’s is a breakfast, lunch only restaurant, open 7 am to 3 pm everyday…It has a creative menu and is always filled…..
    eg…eggs,bacon,sausage,toast,pancakes, fruit, omelets, fruit filled,apple filled folded over pancakes, in a comfortable environment…..,..
    There are 4 dozen Coras in Canada and growing well….

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