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Does Blue Peter need a change?

February 11, 2009

Top of the tree, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

The spotlight shining on the BBC children’s magazine show Blue Peter as a result of the BBC Trust’s report into how young audiences are served reminds me of an interesting conversation I had recently with a radio producer.

In a predictably confessional-type conversation, I revealed that I had a serious problem communicating with children. I admitted I was scared of them. I explained that I found it almost impossible connecting with children fearing their acute-awareness for ineptitude and lack of style.

“Why is that exactly, do you think Jon?” he said, his notepad and pen in his hand.

“I suspect it’s because they don’t get sarcasm. If they did, then I’d be fine.”

It was then we both looked at each other, him looking thoughtfully at me. Me looking like I’d hit upon a brilliant idea.

Now I come to look over the printed version of Nicholas Lezard’s piece in G2 I notice that my brilliant idea may well have some mileage.

Nestled alongside the copy in the newspaper was a picture of the Simpsons family. Elsewhere in the piece Lezard explains that his youngest child watches the likes of The Simpsons and Futurama.

Why is the Simpsons such a popular programme amongst audiences? Because it appeals to a variety of different age groups because there’s stuff for the adults which the kids don’t get and stuff for the kids which the adults don’t get.

So, if it works for The Simpsons and Nicholas Lezard’s kids like the Simpons, why on earth couldn’t it work for Blue Peter?

It might. And if it could work then I’d suggest that a mixture of scripted enthusiasm for the kids and a spot of healthy sarcasm for the adults may well turn Blue Peter’s fortunes around (assuming it needs it).

And if that’s the case, I’d suggest what Blue Peter might need is a presenter who is reasonably easy on the eye, reasonably excitable, up for anything, good humoured and passionate. A presenter whose middle name might as well be “sarcastic” based on most of the things he utters and writes on a daily basis.

Should you be in agreement with this proposal, please send a postcard to: The Editor, Blue Peter, BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, W12 8TQ stating that Blue Peter should take on a new presenter, adding my name Jon Jacob.

Simple really, isn’t it?

  1. Chris permalink

    Is this not like going back to the “dream team” of Val Pete and John? If so, I for one say huzza to that!! 😉

  2. Yes it is Chris. Absolutely. Please feel free to append this message on the postcard I know I can rely on you to send. Don’t think I won’t check you’ve sent it either.

  3. I do enjoy a blog that sticks relentlessly to one topic. 😉

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