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TV & Radio for the next 7 days

February 14, 2009

This posting is one borne out of necessity. What follows are my viewing and listening intentions for the next seven days. Now all I have to do is programme the damn Sky+ box to record it all. I’m not sure I can be arsed now I’ve committed all this to delicious. Maybe I’ll just stay in to watch and listen instead.

Sunday 15 February, Radio 4: Classic Serial – Scoop
Satire on journalism in a dramatisation of Eveleyn Waugh’s work. Starring Tim McInnery (the bloke from Blackadder amongst other things) and Rory Kinnear.

Sunday 15 February, Radio 3: Drama on 3 – Harold Pinter
Tasty rerun of Pinter’s 1993 play Moonlight with a broadcast of his 2005 radio piece Voices. Always very interested in hearing stuff specifically written for radio.

Sunday 15 February, BBC One: Damages “I Lied Too”
Sunday night crime stuff in the return of Damages starring Glenn Close. Didn’t watch the first series but will drop in to see whether I can pick this up.

Sunday 15 February, BBC One: The Victorians – “Painting the Town”
Victorian history delivered by Mr Paxman via his love of painting.

Monday 16 February, Radio 3: Lunchtime Concert
Live broadcast of an all Bach programme of violin music played by Alina Ibragimova from the Wigmore Hall.

Monday 16 February, BBC One: Who Do You Think You Are? – Rick Stein
I wouldn’t normally watch it, but Who Do You Think You Are? has featured a handful of interesting people over the past few years. Stephen Fry was one and now this one with bipolar sufferer Rick Stein. Expect very few laughs.

Monday 16 February, Channel 4: The Gangster & the Pervert Peer
What is it that’s so intriguing about the Krays? Violent thugs terrorising individuals in order to wield power who had relationships with all sorts of unusually important and high profile people. This programme examines a relationship with a Tory peer.

Tuesday 17 February, Radio 4: Talking about Lionel
I’ve never been absolutely convinced about how good Oliver! the musical really is, especially given it’s presently box office sales. There is however something compelling about Lionel Bart – the composer’s – sad life, documented here by Eddie Mair and various contributors.

Tuesday 17 February, Radio 4: Musical Analysis – Ravel
Continuing Robert Winston’s excellent series exploring how illness effected a composer’s output (Gustav Mahler was especially good, it has to be said), this week the professor examines dementia sufferer Maurice Ravel.

Tuesday 17 February, More 4: Here’s Johnny
Multiple scelrosis sufferer Johnny Hinkleton uses his illustration skills to help escape the effects of his dibilitating disorder. Gritty, difficult stuff to watch. A valuable insight, I’m sure.

Wednesday 18 February, ITV1 – The BRIT Awards 2009
I may watch this … merely for research purposes you understand.

Wednesday 18 February, BBC Two: Trouble in Amish Paradise
Amish communities are fascinating and I don’t know enough about them.

Thursday 19 February, Radio 4: The Life & Death of Sarah Kane
Twenty eight year old playwright Sarah Kane died after committing suicide four days after writing her play 4.48 Psychosis. Before that she’d written Blasted, a play about the Balkan Conflict for which she was originally criticised. It’s now regarded as a classic. This documentary sees contributors who knew Kane give an insight into her life.

Thursday 19 February, BBC Four: Britain’s Best Drives
A programme devoted to driving routes up and down the country as featured in motorway guides from 50 years ago. Doesn’t leap off the page does it? Maybe not. But then it doesn’t need to. It’s on BBC Four and sometimes us humble viewers like the simple ideas.

Thursday 19 February, BBC Four: Penelope Keith & The Fast Lady
Penelope Keith isn’t on television enough. Here she tells the story of motoring lady Dorothy Levitt and her journey in 1905 from London to Liverpool. Cue lots of shots of rural countryside (surely?) And .. ooh look. It’s in HD too.

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One Comment
  1. cursedtea permalink

    Damages is brilliant!! I just discovered it a couple of weeks back when I was ill in bed … in the US you can watch the whole 1st season and the new one on … so I did and I’m a big fan!
    I never new Ravel suffered from dementia … although I know his writing of harmonics for bass has driven more than a few players demented over the years … (I’ll not be giving up the day job for the comedy circuit anytime soon)
    kirst x

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