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Eurovision 2009: UK’s Jade starts early

February 15, 2009

Mail on Sunday, Sunday 15 February 2009, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

UK Eurovision representative Jade (and potential passport to a lifetime of Eurovision-related bliss should a UK win at Eurovision actually turn out to be a reality) appears in The Mail on Sunday today.

In case you think this is an unneccessarily dull Eurovision-related blog posting let me just point out the blindingly obvious: Eurovision NEVER gets a mention in the press until the run up to the main event. And that’s if we’re REALLY lucky.

In years gone by those Eurovision related pieces in the press follow a predictable angle: Terry Wogan mixed with kitsch mixed with scorn poured over Europe = the UK view of Eurovision.

This year, for the first time ever, we get a profile on Jade and her family with a few titbits about the run up to the final on May 16.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Andrew Lloyd Webber will play the piano accompanying Jade as she sings (I’m not passing comment on this but I’m flagging it up as a possibility nonetheless). The MoS also reports that that the lovely Jade will make an appearance “in Sweden” in the coming weeks and that Lloyd-Webber and Diane Warren’s song My Time will be available to buy on May 4.

In the grand scheme of things this may not seems like a desperately important thing but believe me .. it is. The last time I obtained a copy of the UK Eurovision song it was in the week of rehearsals in 2003 and they were giving them away for free. The fact this year’s is available a few weeks before those final rehearsals and I’ll have to pay for a copy is making this year quite different in terms Eurovision history.

What with this news and Jade’s recent appearance on the Maltese Eurosong selection programme (yes, if you’re a Euro-fan I know the Maltese final was some time ago now) was actually rather good, I’m feeling a good deal more confident that May won’t be a car crash.

Mind you, I haven’t seen any of the competition yet.

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  1. Wow thanks for the info. and the bid!


    Antony x

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