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TV: Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle (1.6)

March 16, 2009

Brilliant, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

During the first of six episodes (1.6 Toilet Books) marking his return to TV, Stewart Lee delivered a scathing attack on “celebrity hardbacks” in a venue which could well have been frequented by the Kray brothers in a jacket one or two sizes too small for him.

The latter was of no consequence. In fact it went some way to emphasise his regained sense of cool.

Lee is angry about seemingly everything, be it Dan Brown, Chris Moyles or the Harry Potter franchise. Even Radio 4 gets a beating and not a moment too soon either.

Brilliant stand-up interspersed with appropriately lengthed filmed inserts and followed up with some excellently executed red button stuff. There’s even something on the new BBC comedy blog.

There’s a reason this stuff is good. Armando Ianucci is behind it all.

Watch it now or alternatively watch the cheeky little clip below filmed on my mobile phone.

  1. Chris permalink

    My PVR had frozen during the day. So I turned on at 10.20 last night to find that it hadn’t been recording. 😦

    He is a super comedian is he not? I shall always admire him anyway as the writer of Jerry Springer the Opera, one of the most innovative and totally hilarious evenings ever spent in a theatre.

  2. I agree with you Jon. I thought it was an absolutely superb start to what promises to be a fantastic series. I think his mentioning of Dave Allen in the publicity is telling – that brand of stand-up has been missing from our screens for too long. Lee is a worthy successor.
    I particularly enjoyed his slating of Harry Potter (‘no I haven’t read it, because I’m a 47 YEAR OLD GROWN ADULT!’) and the annoying vocal pitch of comedians on Radio 4. Celebrity biogs are a bit of an easy target, though.

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