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Eurovision 2009: About Jade’s hair

March 19, 2009

I’ve been in email contact with the producer of the BBC’s Eurovision website today. In part to join in a thread about something fairly inconsequential, but also in a bid to keep tabs on his plans. You know .. just to make sure they’re doing everything right. Us Eurovision fanatics are so very picky and so very quick to judge.

He was quick to point out to me that UK representative Jade featured heavily on the Eurovision homepage today and that if I’d take the time to watch the accompanying video I would see not only that the BBC’s Eurovision website team are working very hard indeed but that adorable Jade was presented in a very positive manner.

Such shameless self-promotion on his part struck a chord with me. Largely because I had, only a few hours before, watched the video myself. 

Frankly, I wasn’t happy with the way Jade was presented in the video. There was something fundamentally uncomfortable about the whole affair. I had originally intended to keep quiet about my concerns, but in light of being prompted to go and look at the video again, I vowed to the producer I would write a blog post about the matter and point him in the direction of it when it was published. I’m just as good a shameless self-promoter as he is, you see.

My problem? It’s Jade’s hair in her latest Eurovision interview. It’s a little too curly for my liking. It’s a bit of a problem for me. She does rather look too young. I preferred the straight hair she had.

If it seems I’m being terribly picky it’s only because I feel maintaining momentum is important.  It’s vital everything is absolutely perfect for the big night. So, I consider it equally important I take every step to ensure that measures have been taken to prevent anyone thinking the hairstyle she has in the video is acceptable in Moscow.

Normally, I would leave such superficial matters to other equally superficial Eurovision fans – of which there are plenty and none of whom I connect with – but on this matter I feel it’s my responsibility to lay it on the line.

We need to spend a little more time thinking about how Jade will look. You know what the rest of Europe is like. If they see an opportunity to have a go they will. If they do, then we’ll do badly. And if we’ll do badly I will be miserable as sin. And if I’m miserable as sin I will let EVERYONE at work know about it. 

And in case you’re one of those unfortunate people who are outside of the UK and can’t watch the video up on the BBC’s Eurovision site, then take a look at her appearance in Bosnia & Herzigovina. She has the same style there and .. whilst we’re on the subject, that pink outfit has to go as well. I don’t like that one bit. 

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