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Jimmy Mizen verdict

March 27, 2009

Jake Fahri,the nineteen year old found guilty of murdering South East London teenager Jimmy Mizen last year, was described by the Detective who led the investigation as “an aggressive young man who throughout his life demonstrated an inability to control his emotions and restrain his temper.” Fahri was given a life sentence with a minimum 14 year term at the Old Bailey today.

During a press conference after the verdict was delivered, Mizen’s parents demostrated their courageous attitude once again.

“Let’s be honest,” said Margaret Mizen calmly, “How do you think Mrs Fahri is feeling today? Her son has been found guilty of murder. How would you feel if your children had been found guilty of murder?”

Such stoicism is remarkable. So too their resistance to show anger when most of us would surely jump at the chance to voice our deepest bitterness and pain at having a loved taken away. It is as difficult to watch their press conference as it is to read over the detail of Jimmy Mizen’s final moments in the Three Cooks Bakery in Lee, South East London let alone look at the reconstructed dish the Daily Mail included in it’s report. If I find it difficult to contemplate the minutae of the case, how can Mizen’s parents do it so admirably.

Out of the hideous results of a series of circumstances the day after Jimmy Mizen’s 16th birthday, comes inspiration from his parents. You may not have been touched by a murder in your vicinity. And I don’t live as close as some, it has to be said. One blog post from the neighbourhood brings the reality of such events in the community home.

If people like the Mizens can carry themselves off in the way they have since the news of Jimmy’s death on 10 May 2008, then the rest of us may well have something to learn from them.

I’d like to think I’d display the same strength of character. I’m not so confident I would, however.

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