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Baftas 2009

April 26, 2009

I’m not normally tempted to sit through two hours of relentless back-slapping in the hope I might have something to write about, but the 2009 Bafta awards seemed like the perfect stuff to watch on a Sunday evening.

From a personal perspective, I found some of the decisions a little surprising largely because a lot of the stuff which did get an award was either something I didn’t agree with or hadn’t watched. Had it not have been for Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders getting the Fellowship award I may well have ended the broadcast feeling like I was owed two hours of my life by BAFTA and that I was seriously out of touch with the rest of society. Now I come to think of it I suspect both things still apply this morning.

Graham Norton hosted the event staged at the atmosphere-less Royal Festival Hall. Don’t get me wrong, the Festival Hall is a gorgeous venue. It’s just not made for TV.

Drama – Wallander (BBC)
Factual – Amazon (BBC)
Entertainment – X-Factor (ITV)
Sport – F1 (ITV)
Continuing Drama – The Bill (ITV)
News – Chinese Earthquake (ITV)
Entertainment Performance – Harry Hill (ITV)
Single Drama – White Girl (BBC)
Comedy Programme – Harry and Paul (BBC) – Geoffrey Perkins
Specialist Factual – Life In Cold Blood (BBC)
Feature – The Choir: Boy’s Don’t Sing (BBC)
Situation Comedy – The IT Crowd (Channel 4)
Best Drama Serial – Criminal Justice (BBC)
Special Award – Jane Tranter, Controller of Drama, BBC (BBC)
Single Documentary – Chosen (Channel 4)
Philips Audience Award – Skins (Channel 4) – a little taken aback
Comedy Performance – David Mitchell (Peep Show, Channel 4)
Actress – Anna somebody (Channel 4)
Actor – Stephen Dillane (Shooting Thomas Hurndall)
Fellowship – Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders
Current Affairs – Saving Africa’s Witch Children (Dispatches, Channel 4)
Interactivity – Embarassing Bodies Online (Channel 4)
International – Mad Men (BBC Four)

  1. Chris permalink

    It was Anna Maxwell Martin. Didn’t see the play she was nominated for, but I’ve seen her in other things and she’s dashed good.

  2. Thank you Chris. A cheque is in the post.

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