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Bea Arthur Dies

April 26, 2009

News that Bea Arthur has died hasn’t gone down very well in this particular gay household. She was after all a bit of a legend, quite possibly one of those icons highly thought of but not often thought about and yet still sadly missed when her departure was announced a few hours ago. 

There’s plenty written already about what the Golden Girls star achieved during her acting career. In fact, most of the online news stories share similar key facts. It’s almost like they’re all writing from the same press release. I hope to God that one of the journalists who wrote up the stories actually remembers the woman performing or watching The Golden Girls when it first went out. The idea that some whippersnapper who has no appreciation of Arthur’s identity is writing up the story fills me with fear and dread. 

I reached for my laptop as soon as I heard and searched for the opening credits of The Golden Girls. One last chance to listen to Andrew Gold’s hauntingly melancholic melody. “Thank You For Being A Friend” seemed self-indulgently appropriate in light of the death of such a star. 

What do I find? YouTube returns various results featuring the opening credits of the show which most know Bea Arthur from. This is the cut down version however. It lasts only 42 seconds. 

The full version – the full song recorded by Andrew Gold – has been pulled from the YouTube network because publishers WMG have requested it. 

Leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth for those of us who look for any excuse to shed a big gay man’s tear.

Still, thank God for Jonathan Denmark who delivers a smashing rendition in HD. Seems WMG are reasonably OK with that. Presumably they only possess the mechanical rights to the Andrew Gold’s performance …

Obviously I should focus. This post was meant to be about Bea Arthur. She’s dead. Us lot in the community are all very sad. At least, I am.

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