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Eurovision 2009: Bosnia & Herzegovina

April 27, 2009

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If there is a political message in Bosnia & Herzegovina’s song (and to be honest I’ve had to ask a friend because I can’t be bothered to go and read the lyrics right now) it was lost on me during the semi-final performance of this song largely because the presentation of it had me climbing the walls with fury. There’s a great deal of self-conscious and ever so slightly overly intense staring into the middle distance. Fundamentally however, it’s the costumes which spectacularly direct attention away from what sounds like a reasonable song towards a place roped off and signposted “Period Drama”. The chords right at the end are nice, however. 


The white outfits work well (presumably because at least one person has noticed a startling similarity with Chris Martin & Coldplay)and the stage projection looks kind of OK.  I remain as yet unconvinced about the wide stance the lead singer adopts at the first rendition of the chorus. I can’t help thinking the word “overcompensation” in my head. And why between the end of the second chorus and the break do they all pose as though they’re being photographed? It’s OK. But it ain’t brilliant in the way that Eurovision Blog thinks, nor it seems All Kinds of Everything who describe it as “a very, VERY strong song”.



The semi-final or qualifier or whatever you want to refer to it as looks set to close in a spectacularly understated and ever so slightly confusing way with Bosnia & Herzegovina’s 2009 entry “Bistra Voda” performed by rock group Regina.

Fair play, it has a simple anthemic melody but that military rhythm fails to kick start my senses. Having heard it once I can’t say I’m particularly inclined to click on the play button and hear it again. Mind you, I’m sure they’re very nice gentlemen and will – given that I am totally out of step with the Eurovision cognascenti and at the time of writing I notice their YouTube version has reached a collosal 163,000 views – do very well in the first semi-final on Tuesday 16 May.

  1. Chris permalink

    A friend has described this as a very fine example of Balkan Funeral Ballad, and I think that sums it up completely. Both funereal and fine.

  2. Steve permalink

    Yesterday I somewhat rashly put money on this to win outright so I’m oversensitive to anything other than the most fulsome praise being heaped on it, take note please Thoroughlygood for the future.
    I think this is a quality entry, great voice, well-staged, lovely musically, charming.

    • Then, seeing as you’re a new visitor to this blog, I very much hope you won’t be disappointed. I should hate for you to be disappointed. 😉

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