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Eurovision 2009: Andorra

April 28, 2009

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Second Rehearsal

Susanna is lovely – just look at those smashing teeth she’s got there. What’s really come as a massive surprise is how jettisoning her guitar and that god awful glove has transformed it from something irritating to something just about passable. Obviously I’m not that self-absorbed, but maybe somebody’s reading this blog after all. Maybe she’ll scrape through to the final.

First Rehearsal

There’s little difference in the stage performance compared to the video below. I still see a single leather glove, only now I also observe a tired look back display a, some wide belts from the 80s and some illuminated numbers on guitar straps Sorry Mr Siegel, I should be more loyal, but this one ain’t for me.


OK. So the only thing I can focus on in this particular song is the glove Susanna Georgi is wearing to strum her not-plugged-in guitar.

Obviously, she’s not the first person to don a single glove and she won’t be the last to attempt a mild early Madonna look. But the thing is it just looks like a bit of a cliche luv.

It does little for me. The song trips along, doesn’t build, doesn’t deliver and leaves me feeling like I need a cup of tea or a glass of wine or possibly a bottle.

Have fun in Moscow Susanna. Safe journey. I wouldn’t want you to have a miserable time out there. But really. I think you’ll be coming home early.

One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    Another confession, I do have a sneaking regard for this song. I rather like the way it ambles along and find it hard to resist doing my own version of “ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah” in the chorus. The simple guitar accompaniment is rather refreshing. Another one with a weak ending though.

    Mrs P doesn’t rate it at all.

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