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Eurovision 2009: Belarus

April 28, 2009

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Oh dear God. It’s cock-rock sung by a man with a mop on his head, a dodgy looking jacket delivering a fairly credible impersonation of last year’s winner (discount the colour of both parties’ hair) and supposedly your-average-gay-man’s-dream Dima Bilan. There’s more than a hint of overblown cock-rock about this little number. 

Obviously I realise I am being more than a little dismissive of Belarus’ effort and that it could well be the case that there are a great many bloggers in Belarus who feel the same way about the UK’s song. 

Still, I must remain true to my core Eurovision values and ensure I make an almost immediate judgement. As a relative sensitive little flower brought up on a diet of Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, cock-rock isn’t for me. Thus, neither is Petr, his song or Belarus this year or next. 

Sorry Petr. Better luck next time. And be sure to get those awful cuffs sorted out.

  1. Chris permalink

    I am definitely getting old – I had to google “cock-rock” (and with more than a little trepidation I have to confess). I take it it’s nothing to do with the Cockermouth Rock Festival but in fact the noughties equivalent of 70s glam – think Marc Bolan (don’t think G Glitter, we don’t think of him any more).

    Anyway. I confess I rather like this song. It surprises me that it does but I think it has a fluid rocky beat, a half-decent tune and a slightly winning way about it. (Not that it will win at all). Petr is enthusiastic ih his performance. It’s a mid-table for me.

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