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Eurovision 2009: Belgium

April 28, 2009

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It seems Belgian Patrick Ouchene is feeling a little sick – always a tried and tested way of preparing your country for a potential failure – so the Belgian delegation has rolled out its gimmick for the world to see: The Cat. That animated treasure is cute it has to be said. Being a crusty old Eurovision fan I should technically be averse to such shameless techniques to liven up the stage. The thing is however is that the whole package is convincing. It looks good on screen even if the song now is pressing the wrong buttons for me.

At the time of writing (1102, Thursday 7 May 2009) Patrick was at the bottom of Google’s predictor gadget however with a score of zero.


The set looks suitably Las Vegas to accompany this shameless Elvis imitator . It’s got a pleasant little reminder of Making Your Mind Up, the stage presence is suitably low key and straight forward and it’s a perky little song to boot. Patrick Ouchene may not necessarily be terribly easy on the eye, but it has definitely secured its place in the final. Quite how the great unwashed will react to the number the first time they hear it remains to be seen. Quite what the expert jury of industry experts will judge it as is unclear. At 12,500 views at the time of writing however, this one is a song everyone appears to be keeping an eye on early on in rehearsals.


In a desperate bid to sound like I know what I’m talking about, Belgium’s entry maybe one to watch. Cast aside any notion that Patrick Ouchene’s song Copycat has a passing resemblance to Dire Straits hits of the late 80s. It’s that brass line which inserts itself into your brain every now and again and that shuffle/rock rhythm which makes you start tapping your feet and swinging along to the beat.

Whilst Patrick does display evidence (to me at least) that in an entirely different setting he may be a man who enjoys dragging up, it is no doubt the cartoon character – the Copycat if you will – which makes all but the most cynical of Eurovision fans conclude this really is quite a perky song. Don’t think for a moment there won’t be a chance to include that animation on Tuesday 12 May. There are big screens on stage in Moscow (I should imagine) and they’ll be desperate to fill them with something interesting to look at.

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  1. Chris permalink

    Two reasons why this won’t do very well: 1) third in the running order for its semi (sharp intake of breath moment); and 2) my spies in Amsterdam say that his English accent isn’t sufficiently sprightly to comprehend fully the amusing lyrics, which is kind of the point.

    However. I love it!! I play it a lot and it never fails to make me smile – in fact often, at the end of it, I end up laughing (and not cynically either). It’s a super Elvis pastiche, and appeals to all ages. One of my top faves this year. 🙂

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