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Eurovision 2009: Czech Republic

April 28, 2009

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What’s clear about a first listen to the Czech Republic is that group are meeting the brief of “we need something eclectic” in the Eurovision to prove it’s worth. The kind of song to satisfy those oh so critical hard-core Eurovision fans who still naively believe that the annual song fest really can find new musical talent. have a pedigree, of that there is no mistaking. First they’ve already performed at Glastonbury (I know that – they must be reasonably highly thought of to go there).

Not only that, according to the BBC Eurovision website (a reasonably reliable source I would suggest) … 

“ has significantly helped the mutual understanding and better communication between minorities and “mainstream society” in the Czech Republic. In 2007, Radoslav Banga became the Czech national ambassador for the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All.”

As highly regarded as obviously are there is one problem I have with their song “Come on Gipsies”. I can’t bear listening to it.

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  1. Chris permalink

    We are agreeing a lot this year. Over the past year we’ve had a few songs that have gone for the heavy eastern-europe ethnic feel – may I cite “Moja Stikla” (Croatia 2006), “Water” (Bulgaria 2007), “Forogj, világ!” (Hungary 2005), “Czarna dziewczyno” (Poland 2005)…. they are all hugely better than this quirky jerky Czech piece. I find it just a bit toe-curlingly embarrassing and “jump to next track”-like.

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