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Eurovision 2009: Israel

April 28, 2009

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Israel’s pair turned a surprisingly engaging performance – quite possibly because like Lithuania’s soul effort “There Must Be Another Way” was a refreshing alternative from all the other mediocre pap we’d heard during the first semi-final. Despite my earlier protestations about this song being bland, I’m now thinking it’s got quite a bit of integrity to it. Not entirely sure why they insist of playing the bongos for a brief moment during the song. I don’t get that at all. 



It’s sitting easier in my mind but it still fails to entertain me. The sequence where they stand and the back and drum seems a little odd. Sounds better though even if by now all objectivity has been lost having listened to it so many times.  It just feels like one of those crappy fairground rides for the kids where the parents have to stand at the side watching their nippers pass by excitedly. It begins and it ends and that’s all.


Israel’s worthy song does as I expected it would and fails to sparkle on the Eurovision stage quite possibly because there’s little material there to exploit in terms of a stage presence. The message maybe strong and the call to action admirable, but this will I’m afraid sink without a trace. By far the trickiest moment will be the opening exposed harmonic introduction between the two singers. The slightest hint of nerves and you’ll hear it in the opening fifteen seconds of the song.


It may be a worthy cause, a global consideration and ever so slightly political (note the small ‘p’ please people) but Israel’s passionate plea “There Must Be Another Way” sung by Noa & Mira Awad has one fundamental flaw: it’s a bland song.

Just as I sit here consuming nothing more than a video version of the song on YouTube with little or no desire to run off to the BBC website and read the long biographies of the singers, so too viewers on Tuesday 12 May will sit and hear No and Mira sing their song for the first time and (I would wager) cross their names off the list.

Sorry ladies. It’s just not my bag, regardless of what you’re singing about.

One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    Agreed wholeheartedly. It’s a bland song. Yes no doubt there is a good heart behind it, but maybe they could have done it differently…. what’s the phrase I’m looking for….ah yes: “there must be another way”.

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