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Eurovision 2009: Montenegro

April 28, 2009

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Second Rehearsal

Gracious me, she’s not terribly keen being interviewed after her rehearsal is she? She’s trotting out all those tired old responses about her song not realising she’s casting an image of her, her song and her chances. I see little enthusiasm (or the results of an disatisfying rehearsal / lots of stress / feelings of antagonism at the interviewer). I may well have lost interest in this although like that man with the lanyard says, it will be an OK opener to the semi. Chin-up love. It will be OK – just get those dodgy notes sorted and you’ll be home in a few days.Make sure your dancer wears the white shirt – the fitted black one looks a little tacky.

First Rehearsal

Safe, plausible and convincing.


Here’s a song you need to be terribly, terribly careful with.

Here’s how it works. You listen to it once and you roll your eyes at the shameless use of ripped torsos and short shorts. They’re only there for the target audience. It’s shameless. You might almost say those Montenegrans are exploitating the oh so precious “community”.

You’re about to click on the button marked “stop this arrant nonsense immediately” if only you could find the damn thing when you’re swept into the chorus.  You tut at your own incompetence of clicking away from another time-wasting effort around about the time the high tempo disco beat kicks in. You snigger meanly when singer Andrew Demirovic sings the line “Just Get Out of My Life” and think to yourself how predictably dull the whole thing is, when something happens.

Without even realising it, you’re actually quite liking it. Suddenly the sun is shining. There’s a fresh whiff of spring on the air. Summer awaits. There’s the very real possibility that a Eurovision win for Montenegro might just make the world a better place. Then the song is over and you’re left wondering and subsequently remembering exactly what the melody in the chorus was. Swiftly after that a palpable sense of shame descends.

You now feel dirty and want to move away from your computer keyboard.  You don’t of course. You end up refreshing the page and listening to the damn thing again.  Montenegro’s song is a danger. A very serious danger. And it could secure a great many votes. They’d better get rid of the short shorts, however. Eurovision is good old fashioned family entertainment don’t you know.

  1. Chris permalink

    Yes – it’s instantly likeable, hummable, singable, everythingable. Good old Uncle Ralph, another winner.

    I think it runs the risk of being slightly too poppy – it may get a bit tiring in a few years’ time.

    The end’s a bit weak, I suppose. That’s a problem with a lot of this year’s songs. They just stop in mid-air.

  2. Oh no, I just don’t understand what people see in this tired, dull, life-less old ditty. Fast forward. Possibly a good opener, but if it qualifies, I will weep. Silly old Ralph Siegel, lock him away. He obviously lost it, and many years ago already…

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