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Eurovision 2009: Sweden

April 28, 2009

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My notes from the first semi-final clearly state that both me and significant other regarded Malena’s efforts for Sweden as very good. We might even have gone as far as to say that we had by that point (five songs in) heard the best song by far. The song – La Voix – is still filler for me. But Malena can belt and its a perfectly agreeable thing to listen to. 


Second Rehearsal

Not for the first time I find myself conflicted watching Malena’s interview and the snippets of her song. She’s in no way “white trash” carrying herself off in an interview situation effortlessly. She’s been to Vienna to rehearse Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, thus she’s want to emphasise her musical integrity. Then when I see her back on stage with her relatively safe moves singing Classic FM-esque track I can’t help thinking one thing. This is a shameless example of cross-genre production. “Let’s go for a classy act with someone who’s groovy enough to straddle both the serious and the kitsch. It will make her a superstar! And when she becomes that superstar she’ll have her own classy backing track too.”

Sorry Malena. You’re no longer on that Eurovision Gravy Train. However, you do look good giving an interview and you’re pretty good at self-deprecation too.

First Rehearsal

Sweden’s rousing anthemic number sits well in the apparently vast interior of Moscow’s Olympic Arena and the appearance of the set and the low-key choreography from the backing singers definitely makes this a song worth watching. The melodic range still makes for a dissatisfying verse, but it’s secured it’s place in the final without doubt.


There’s something about the chord progressions in the opening gambit of this little number which fill me with fear and dread. It’s like those opening few bars promise something truly moving and awe inspiring. Then the club beat kicks in and then my suspicions are confirmed. This song ticks every Eurovision box it’s not true. I can see oceans of crazy fans leaping up and down to the beat as though their lives depended on it. A small army of dancers does little to lessen my irritability over this one.

In her defence however, singer Malena Ernman does have quite a melodic range to cover in her song La Voix (as demonstrated in the last chorus and final syrupy chords). Let’s just hope she delivers those top notes on Tuesday 12 May. I’ll have my HB pencil sharpened especially.

  1. Chris permalink

    (Au Humphrey Bogart) “Of all the songs, and all the performers, in all the heats…. they had to bloody well choose this one.”

    I am so disappointed in this song. There were heaps (not to mention piles) better from the original 32 MFers. Mock operatic pretentious twaddle. I hate it. Just as I hated Alenka Gotar’s song a couple of years ago.

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