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Eurovision 2009: Switzerland

April 28, 2009

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Switzerland’s last appearance in the Eurovision final was back in 2005 after impressing the voting public across Europe with their cock-rock number self-consciously named “Cool Vibes” and sung by a bunch of largely female Elvis wannabees. Since then, the country has struggled to make a good impression. 

In 2006, a six-man/woman group graced the stage with three minutes of saccharin, sanctimonious schlock promising “We can make this a world for everyone”. The rest of Europe weren’t quite so sure and, as a result of the country’s sixteenth place in the leaderboard that year, spent following Eurovisions competing for a place in the final. 

In 2007, leather clad DJ Bob sang “I am a vampire, I am a slave” ina song no doubt hoping to capitalise on the cult following all things vampire in the same way Finland did with Hard Rock Hallelujah. All the Swiss “DJ” managed to prove was the extent of his responsibility for what amounted to yet another Eurovision crime.  The song also failed to get through to the final.

So surely things would be different for 2008? The intention was there and no doubt, the hope too. But the musical identity crisis present in the ironically named “Wasn’t it wonderful?” was all too evident. This too failed to get through to the final.

This leaves Switzerland’s last best placing in the leaderboard in 1993 with Annie Cotton’s Moi, tout simplement back in the days when Eurovision had an orchestra playing in the corner of the stage set. And before that .. that was Celine Dion winning in 1988 with Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi.

This year Switzerland appears to be keen to demonstrate lessons learnt and offers up Lovebugs to represent the country with a song from their latest album The Highest Heights.

It’s credible, plausible and has a familiar instrumental sound … but the crucial thing about this is that I don’t like U2. So basically, I don’t like it.

One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    Ah but this is U2 circa 1983. New Year’s Day. Sunday Bloody Sunday. Before pomposity set in.

    I don’t think this song will win the Eurovision Song Contest. But I really like it, and it *may* attract an additional *credibility* to the contest. Not that it needs it of course.

    The guitars are great, there is a sincerity to the singing (ie the guy sounds like he understands the English lyrics). I hope they perform it extremely well and that it gets lots of rousing cheers.

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