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Eurovision 2009: Turkey

April 28, 2009


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I didn’t go for this in any way and yet everyone seems to be talking about it. 


What’s interesting is that I didn’t even watch their rehearsal video because I was so not taken by the song. 


There was a point in the UK’s shameful past when we put forward a young and slender young lady called Javine to sing a dubiously titled song “Touch My Fire“. I’m sure I don’t recall then nor understand now what that “fire” she was referring to. But I do certainly recall feeling desperately underwhelmed by the song and a little amazed at how her perfectly formed right breast had popped out of her skimpy outfit during the UK selection show.

I only mention this because Turkey’s song this year Crazy for You sung by Hadise bears more than a striking resemblance to Javine’s poorly effort from 2005.

I seem to recall many a fan complaining about how Javine’s song seemed to imitate Turkey’s utterly brilliant winning song from 2003 even then.

So, is Turkey imitating us from 2005 (and if so, in God’s name WHY?) or is it imitating itself. And if it’s the latter, didn’t anyone tell Eurovision people in Turkey that self-obsession isn’t generally becoming? I should know. I’m an expert where that’s concerned.

  1. Paul permalink

    Hopefully there are some entries better than the few I sampled here (kudos to the blogger for presenting these, but not the singers). Do they have to declare a winner or can they just send everybody home early and hope there are better entries next year?

  2. Chris permalink

    Have they changed the title from “Dum Tek Tek”? I thought it was linguistically fascinating that they made up the word “tek” to rhyme with the word “back”. You would have thought “tak” was more appropriate.

    Anyway back to Hadise. Yes on the down side it’s definitely Turkish-by-numbers but on the good side they are rather prime numbers. It’s another one that I find instantly appealing. Miss H herself is extremely appealing. However if you compare it with some earlier Turkish tunes, I agree it’s Sertab-lite.

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