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Eurovision 2009: Finland

April 29, 2009

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In pursuit of securing some votes for the UK I attempted to persuade a Finnish work colleague to persuade her family and friends in Finland to vote for us. I’m not entirely convinced this worked as I had minutes before taken her to task for the quality of the song Finland put forward to represent the country. Not surprisingly she held up her hands defensively saying “It was nothing to do with me, I was here at work in London when that decision was made.” She declined to comment whether or not her family and friends would vote for the UK. 

That aside, this will almost certainly be the lowest point of the Final for me – I didn’t enjoy it in the semi. 


Flame-throwing circus performers stripped to the waist, a tired dance-club sound and an increasing desire to see the performance come to an end almost as soon as the song begins. The rehearsal footage identifies the song’s major weakness: it only comes alive with jaunty camera angels and fast cutting between shots. Without the all-important TV view this song feels lost. 


I loathed Lordi and their song Hard Rock Hallelujah – Finland’s moment of crowning Eurovision glory in 2006. I just didn’t like the masks. I found myself screaming at the television screen, “If you’re so bloody good and enthusiastically received, leave your costumes backstage and come on as yourselves. Don’t be shy.”

Now I watch Waldo’s People sing “Lose Control” for Finland this year, I find myself warming to Finland’s 2006 winning song from Lordi in a shameless retro fashion. Lordi’s effort was (even though it irritated the hell out of me at the time) far more convincing. Finland’s song this year however isn’t.

I’ve heard this beat and this style before and I don’t want to hear it again. The pyrotechnics can go – I’m always a little dubious when we see performance art on stage – and there is a certain amount of screaming in the vocals which may need to be ironed out before their big moment. Even if they do this, I fear I will be sniggering like a schoolboy when we get to the line “Is this my reality?”

One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    Ahhh, disappointment city!! Nearly every Eurovision fan I know has, at some point over the last three months, had, as their facebook status, “xxx don’t wanna lose control now I’m fallin'” – (note I said *nearly* every Eurovision fan).

    I think it’s a terrific little number. Full of energy, fast and furious, singalongy…. Yes, it’s repetitive. However, if we took out all the repetitive songs, where would we be, huh?

    Rap however, in any form, never does well in Eurovision, so I expect this will not make it to Saturday.

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