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Eurovision 2009: FYR Macedonia

April 29, 2009

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Let’s cut to the chase. This song won’t win. Sorry FYR Macedonia, but it won’t.

However, despite the poor quality of the video and the almost laughable (whilst largely successful) attempt to turn the lead singer into a Jon Bon Jovi clone, this song isn’t really all that bad. If Belarus’ song is the kind of cock-rock I can’t stand, then FYR Macedonia’s effort is the kind of entry level rock with a hint of Bruce Springsteen I’m prepared to accept without getting all childhishly grumpy about it all.

FYR Macedonia’s song “Nesto Sto Kje Ostane” is performed by Next Time. And it will be next time too. Well, possibly.

  1. Chris permalink

    The top of my head is approximately 5ft 10 inches from the ground. This song crashes along at a level of about 7ft, therefore never troubling me remotely.

    Actually when I do catch bits of it, I really hate it. Bring back Petr from Belarus!!

  2. Deny permalink

    Sorry, but you will must to wait their presentation in Moscow.BE SURE THEY ARE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You wouldn’t happen to be from FYR Macedonia, would you?

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