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Eurovision 2009: Iceland

April 29, 2009

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A convincing plausible song delivered by a lovely looking lady with a fantastic voice. This song eclipsed Sweden’s Malena in the first semi-final as the best song of that particular evening. It’s a shame about the dress although in the final camera angles you don’t get to see too much of it. Could turn out to be a good performer in the leaderboard without people even realising it. 



There’s a sure fire way to put me off a song I formerly quite liked. Stick the singer in a frilly dress. It ain’t working. Which is a shame because the song itself is really quite nice and she can definitely deliver it.


There’s one thing worse for a smug Eurovision fan than a poorly crafted song for the annual competition: a song which is actually quite good sung by a singer who looks good. The latter makes writing easier, the former a whole lot more difficult.

So it is with Iceland 2009 song “Is it True?” sung by Yohanna. A simple and effective song with just the right amount of melancholy without the whole thing tipping into a syrupy mess. Oh .. and she’s naturally gorgeous too. OK, so she’s got a bit of make up on in the video but if you were a postman knocking on her door at stupid o clock in the morning with a parcel to sign for, you just know she’d look a million dollars woken up with a start.

With all the Eurovision boxes ticked on the more discerning Eurovision fan’s checklist you’d think the only thing left to say would be “Well done her.” Not quite. The only question is, come the first semi-final will the qualities of the song shine brightly enough to secure Iceland a place in the final ahead of the acts with more notoriety ? Don’t spend all night worrying about it, but do give it some thought if you are able to vote.

One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    She sang with absolute clarity and conviction at the UK Preview Party too, so I expect she will be great on the night.

    It wafts through the air and melts all over you like… well like a wafty melty thing. And it stays in the brain too, which could be a good thing On The Night.

    Maybe one minor thing against it is that it slightly reminds me of something else, and I have been known to spend three minutes trying to remember what it reminds me of, unsuccessfully, only to find it’s finished and I’ve forgotten to listen to it.

    Also another teensy bit weak ending.

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