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Eurovision 2009: Romania

April 29, 2009

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I didn’t enjoy this. That’s all I’m saying. 


Surprisingly, this song is beginning to grow on me. The rehearsal footage featuring the lead from The Balkan Girl looks good and she can clearly reliably deliver the song despite leaping around all over the place. And she definitely has to leap around quite a bit. A competent song of an equally competent song which, if it gets through to the final, will do OK but ultimately will be forgotten when the likes of Norway and Greece hit the stage (assuming of course they get through too). 


The Balkan Girls are quite possibly the only act in this year’s line up of semi-final acts who I would actively not like to see get through to the final.

Such a vile statement at the beginning of a blog post may well be interpreted by some outside of the UK (and ultimately those I as a British resident be angling to keep sweet in the run up to the big night) as a nasty if predictable case of xenophobia. It’s not. I’ve never been to Romania but the pictures I’ve seen of the country make it look very pretty.

There will be some members of the audience who will no doubt find Romania’s Balkan Girls very pretty. They are very leggy after all, something we’re reminded of by the various acrobatics carried out by the backing dance team. And there’s the first problem. The dancers seem like a bit of an afterthought, asked to be on stage to fill in a gaping hole but now they’re there they could probably tone it down a little bit.

The occasional forays into glamour model poses are slightly uncomfortable (possibly because I always assume the only people who engage with Eurovision are either gay men or thirty-something single women) and the ripping off of skirts is a bit of a tired shortcut.

And the payoff? Well, the song isn’t bad, but having written this drivel for the past ten minutes, I can’t say I recall anything of the melody. Sorry Romania.

One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    Elena was another contender at the UK Preview party and she impressed me much. She’s stunning and sings well too. I’ve not seen the video before now and agree the backing dancers are a bit unnecessary and distracting (if pleasantly so) – but I guess a song called “The Balkan Girls” requires more than one of them to be present.

    The song is on the good side of so-so I think. A goodly dollop of friendly votes should see them through.

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