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Eurovision 2009: Bulgaria

April 30, 2009

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Not only have they remained stubbornly attached to that dubiously thought out medieval theme but Krassmir now appears in a cloak. It makes him look like he’s doing a school play. He’s also not coming across as especially excited to be there. Obviously he’s just finished rehearsing so we shouldn’t be too hard on the poor flower. Even so luv, if you want us to vote for you you’re going to have to look a little more convincing than you did in this interview.



My mother always used to say “Honesty is the best policy, my boy.” Thus with this advice bouncing around in my head, I reassure myself before I committing my thoughts about Bulgaria’s Eurovision entry this year.

One question is uppermost in my mind as I watch Krassimir Avramov sing “Illusion” sat Bulgaria’s national selection programme. What on earth is going on on stage?

I see a wannabee Knight of the Round Table plucking random notes out of the air and sliding up and down and all around them to his heart’s content. He’s accompanied on stage by two larger ladies dressed in black swaying aimlessly from side to side. Then there’s this other lady on the other side of the stage who wanders in and out as and when the mood takes her.

Upstaging the lot are the two shabbily dressed circus acts behind them who, at one stage, must have seen a string of TV producers stand in front of them, shake their heads and say “You’re presenting a risk assessment nightmare for me. The answer is no.” The point where the guy picks up the other stilt walker and swings her around in front of him, isn’t exactly the first shameless attempt to draw attention from what should be the main focus of the performance – the singer – but it demonstrates the most spectacular failure in doing what it set out to achieve.

What’s reasonably very interesting is how the TV set for Bulgaria’s national selection (not to mention the predictable camera angles which must now surely have their own dedicated adjective – The X-Factor angle) looks almost the same as nearly every other Eurovision set. That might sound one geeky observation too far for most, but it does at least indicate how Bulgaria’s 3 minutes may look on the Moscow stage. It will have to through a massive development phase before the first semi-final. It has to.

For all the negativity here, there’s something reassuringly Eurovision about this which does make it endearing in a slightly patronising way. Disco club beats are tired sounding, so too the ethnic sound, but when something is eye catching and seemingly incomprehensible that’s when you know the old Eurovision style is alive and well.

There. I’ve been honest. Now shoot me.

And when you’ve done that, watch the promo video of the same song on the BBC Eurovision site for a wider consideration.

  1. Chris permalink

    That is an incredibly odd stage act, is it not? The old ruse of making people watch lots of stuff so that they don’t notice what they’re listening to…. notoriously (perhaps) Krassimir was the only act at the UK Preview Party to mime to his song. He certainly is erratic with his pitch.

    I’m really not sure about this one. I have a tendency to give it the benefit of the doubt because I am a warm and generous person. But a lousy performance and this will be laughable.

  2. ann permalink

    Krassimir Avramov is a big fake! He has no successful “Career” anywhere. His “awards” are a lie, there is no “Superstar of the year 2005” award! Check 15th LA music awards, you’ll know:
    Everything about him is a fake. His boyfriend Ivan Salchev bought him with prepaid SIM cards and connections at BNT (Bulgarian national TV) the Bulgarian final. The Bulgarians were shocked, as everyone have heard the awful screaming falset “singing” and no one wanted this person to represent the country!
    Krassimir “sings” playback and lies it’s “live”.
    After being in London and Amsterdam he send a press release telling the people and the media that everyone abroad was waiting mainly to see him, he was giving 2 hours autogrammes and that as the only person, he was singing live. Is this all not a complete lie? He is manipulating the people in Bulgaria telling them about his show in Las Vegas his concerts all over the world, that he is bigger than Sarah Brightman, Bocelli and Farinelli and that he found the style “Popera” and the word too. How sick is this? Have you watched his press conference in Moscow, I don’t know to laugh or to cry!
    This all makes me so angry! He calls him “The Man Voice” and let so called back vocals sing the song for him! I’ve met Pavarotti, even he was not talking about himself like the Man-voice!
    What a star is Krassimir? He has no home, no money, no sold albums, and no major label music contract. The concert at the Kodak Theatre, he is boasting with, is a concert everyone can organize. The theatre stage was rented for the celebration of the Bulgarian culture in Los Angeles and the performance of Krassimir was sponsored by an older lady who was in love with him and after the concert she has been left with money problems and Krassimir came back to Bulgaria, back to his boyfriend! Krassimir is a cheater and a bad person!
    The most important thing is that he can’t sing and has no stage behavior! Falset is not a special singing, everyone can do it! He calls himself tenor-altino with 4 octaves voice. OMG, is this a joke!
    Well if a false falset screaming and a shabby stage performance should be called interesting and a big achievement, than Bulgaria should be the winner!

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