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Robinson’s Be Natural ‘Bird House’ Advert

April 30, 2009

It’s a far cry from those adverts for weak lemon drink featuring sweaty tennis players sat at the side of the centre court at Wimbledon mopping their brows. Now Robinsons have opted for a eye-catching and charming little piece for their new push featuring a bird returning to his pad from a busy day of … well, being a bird. Keep an eye out for the criminal cat on the TV news bulletin especially for birds. The avian take on the cuckoo clock is especially classy. Quality work indeed.

Update: It seems that the first posting had an embedded YouTube video which was subsequently removed by the user. Shame. It was a quality piece of work. Somebody must have complained. Boo. So, if this one gets removed and I haven’t picked it up, please be sure to let me know. Lots of fluff. Jon.


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  1. chiefteddy permalink

    brilliant.absolutely brilliant xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Liz permalink

    This is a classic! I love the wellies by the door, & the person clock well! What wonderful mind created this? It makes me smille every time I see it.

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