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Eurovision 2009: Croatia

May 1, 2009

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I had forgotten about Croatia’s presentation style for this song – a shining example of how I don’t even read over what I’ve read on this blog. Thus the opening song in the second-semi was a pleasure to watch largely because I was reminded just how solid a proposition the act was. Everyone looks good stage – Igor appeared in a smashing pair of Doc Martens which didn’t actually look that silly. There’s nothing over the top about this and sometimes that’s a nice thing. Good luck to ’em in the final. 


I’m going to buck the trend and champion the underdog here. This one really is growing on me in spite of the slow moving backing dancers swaying gently in the stiff breeze of the wind machine. It’s an OK song which leaves a handful of others in this semi on the floor. I’m all for simple presentation and I’m loving the graphic of the flower on the backdrop. 



After what feels like a massive exercise in going through all the first semi-final songs, the prospect of going through the second set isn’t quite as daunting as first thought. This may have something to do with there being considerably less songs to have to battle through and the end being in sight. It may also have something to do with the beginning of the second semi-final kicking off to a reasonably credible, plausible and relatively straightforward fashion.

Igor Cukrov and Andrea present a lilting melody with classic poise and beauty. There’s nothing over the top about this performance and as such we look set to begin the second semi-final with a bit of class. Poor old Igor does have some spectacular intonation problems at the end of the song which throws Andrea out as well but I’ve no doubt they’ll get this sorted by Thursday 14 May.

Will it get through to the final? I fear it may get lost when the big numbers in the second semi-final get heard. It’s an original sounding song, so maybe that will score well with the traditional jury vote.

One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    It’s very pleasant and all that but I can never bring it to mind if I try to think about how it goes. His voice is a bit whiney and it’s a bit like an ex-Yugoslavian version of an MFP Music from the Greek Islands type song.

    Actually – on second hearing – it’s dull, dull, dull.

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