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Eurovision 2009: Ireland

May 1, 2009

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I didn’t like it last week and I don’t like it now. But I am impressed about how putting this act on a massive stage with a complimentary visual background reassures me that my only problem with it is the genre. Not for me girls but you know .. best of luck. 



I struggle to both get excited about this song or even make my mind up about whether I’ll enjoy watching it on the night. It’s studio presentation isn’t particularly gripping. In fact, watching this performance of “Et Cetera” from Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy reminds me of stuff the UK used to send to Eurovision in the mid-80s: it seemed terribly daring to send something different from the usual Eurovision fayre, but I couldn’t help thinking it might seem a bit naff given what I was watching on screen.

The promotional video sells the song in a slightly different way. It’s exactly the same track but somehow the music lifts and its more engaging. It’s tempting to give this an outside chance of getting through to the final especially because the sound of the track has that recognisable American high school bubblegum rock sound. Personally however I think it will sink without a trace.

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  1. Chris permalink

    this lot are another one who did very well at the UK Preview Party – although not a lot of interaction with the crowd – they just came on, sang their song, and left.

    I didn’t care for it too much on first hearing, although it got Mrs P up and bopping – but I’m warming to it. I do fear however it will be noticeable by its absence on Saturday week.

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