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Eurovision 2009: Poland

May 1, 2009

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Something has suddenly dawned on me. At what point in history did someone somewhere say there had to be some kind of dance effort on stage to accompany a solo singer. Chiara from Malta doesn’t have one because she doesn’t need one. It’s the same with the lovely Lidia who strikes me as able enough and certainly easy enough on the eye to stand slap bang in the middle of the stage and deliver the song herself. She don’t need that prancing around. That modulation is going to cause her nightmares between now and Thursday 14 May and could well be her undoing. 



The crowd to whom Lidia Kopania are singing to seem to be uncontrollably enthusiastic about her and her performance. They also – worryingly – demonstrate how they have gone down with the same affliction befalling UK (and US) audiences: they clap at almost anything whether it be a ballet dancer lifting a dancer up in the air, or Lidia singing over the break. It’s false enthusiasm designed to pep up a TV show and it’s something which needs to be stopped.

Let’s focus however. This is about the song and the singer both of which fail to make any impression on me whatsoever. Lidia, bless her, is pretty to look at but is nothing special and does have demonstrate that she could have some intonation issues on Thursday 14 May.

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  1. Chris permalink

    She seemed very nervous and quiet when she appeared at Scala. I’m not sure she will have the oomph to carry it off on the night. Which is a shame because it’s a very nice song, she looks very nice and the whole impression is a very nice one.

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