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Eurovision 2009: Serbia

May 1, 2009

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Stick with this interview for Marko’s performance at the end of the video. According to the big man, most of the performing group are suffering from battered limbs and the resulting drug relief. This doesn’t seem to dent their moves on stage and I’m delighted to see that groovy move appearing in at least one of the choruses. I’m not entirely convinced about the accordion player’s costume but the entire package is for me at least the acceptable side of pantomime at the Eurovision. Yes I know. I’m complex (or maybe just contrary).

People will hate, I still adore it. Marko clearly anticipates a big cheer when he steps into shot what with his waving to the present non-existent crowd. The dancers have been given something slightly more interesting to do and the pantomime has a bit more focus to boot. The cartoons fit the bill too. I just want to see Marko groove a bit more. Thank God they’ve lost the suitcase at the end of it. I was never entirely convinced about that.


I will be lynched for this.

On the face of it, Serbia’s “Cipela” sung by Marko Kon has everything in it which makes my skin crawl. The song starts off by sounding like it could be quite annoying, it’s sung by a man with comedy hair and an ever so slightly smug look on his face. The whole thing is accompanied by a group of “dancers” making the bizarre pantomime look complete.

But there’s something infectious about the chorus. There’s a real hook to it and one look at Kon’s groovy moves in the second chorus makes me want to get up and grind in exactly the same way.

It’s evil to write so positive about something which most people would dismiss so very quickly, but the truth is that this is an up little number on the right side of acceptable cheese. There’s also a dance to learn here. Those of us committed to the cause like nothing better than learning dances or miming lyrics. It’s in our blood.

One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    The “word on the street” when this first emerged was that Serbia had lost the plot. Comedy hair and also comedy voice.

    But it is indeed infectious. And I also like it. And I also deserve to be lynched.

    I do have one problem with it – the middle musical moments bring back to mind Estonia last year, which is ESC at the nadir.

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