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TV: Jonathan Ross Show (1 May 2009 feat. Jade Ewen)

May 1, 2009


Our girl and the Lord, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

It was quite a big night for us Eurovision fans tonight. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a Eurovision act on a late night prime time BBC One show, nor the last time I’ve watched Jonathan Ross’ late night show. (Well, actually I did see the one he did when he returned from his three months on gardening leave. That was the only one.)

I was nervous this evening. Friends came round. I’d announced we should watch it. They acquiesced. I felt guilty.

It’s a strange feeling when you see the person you’ve invested so much in perch on a sofa and face a person you’re a little bit frightened of. How will our girl Jade come across in this interview? And does it prepare me for how things will go in the Eurovision final?

Andrew Lloyd Webber sat in the hot seat, Jade next door. There was a short clip of her singing her big modulation moment, followed by some chat and then another sequence (slightly less flattering) focussing on her in a moment of vocal insecurity she experienced when she was understandably feeling slightly emotional. I reached for the bottle of wine on the table in front of me at around about the same time.

At some point after this there seemed fewer shots featuring the lovely Jade. Andrew Lloyd Webber seemed to feature a bit more. There were a handful of nauseating clips from previous Eurovisions but all I remember now is subsequent talk of Lloyd-Webber’s future project.

When he let slip he didn’t think we’d really win, I did feel a tiny bit irritated.

It seemed a little bit insensitive to be sat next Jade and be saying that. He’d been involved in the selection procedure after all. And now he’s saying that.

If I’d have been her I possibly might have scratched his eyes out backstage. I would have stamped my foot. I probably would have called my Mum. “You won’t believe what that Andrew Lloyd Webber said Mum….”

But in the spirit of painful objectivity, there might just be a bit of a tough lesson for me here however. Obviously (unless you’re drunk and have no idea of what the sub-text here is) I’m prepared to confess to a spot of transference here.

Or to put it another way: just because I want us to win the Eurovision, doesn’t necessarily mean we will.

There are 41 other countries (I think) taking part in the Eurovision this year. There are plenty of songs which could deservedly take the crown. I do rather need to get used to that idea. I’d probably enjoy the big night a whole lot more if I did.

Jade on Jonathan Ross via BBC iPlayer until Friday 8 May.

Read about Jade’s appearance on BBC One’s The One Show, the following Monday here.


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