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Eurovision 2009: Azerbaijan

May 2, 2009

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I didn’t like it in rehearsals and I don’t like it now. I especially don’t like the male singer. I’m sorry (again). 


Putin crashed Azerbaijan’s second semi-final rehearsal and bore witness to Arash’s now confirmed status as a crap dancer. The singer is trying to be a lad and doing “the moves” but all he’s succeeding in doing drawing attention on himself and away from everyone else. This song is history to me now. I’m very sorry. 

I get the impression Arash can’t dance. I’m sure they’re both very nice people, but his dancing really draws my eye. It’s ever so slightly self-consciously hip and groovy executed by a man who possibly doesn’t normally dance like that. This will get lost in the race for the final, I’m afraid but I don’t think there’s much you can do about it between now and next Thursday. 



If I was an X-Factor judge or someone selecting the poor unfortunate souls to participate in Big Brother I would want to be able to say almost immediately what I thought. I’d speak directly to the person actually doing the auditioning. I wouldn’t be as harsh as Simon Cowell but would be a fawning sycophant either. There’d be honesty with a charming smile and the promise of a drink afterwards just to mop any tears which might spurt forth as a result of my harsh yet genuine reaction. That’s how I deliver bad news. I’m a soppy bastard, you see.

Azerbaijan, you’re not in the final. I’m sorry. But don’t let that put you off from applying in the future.

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  1. Chris permalink

    This is almost the song that the Greek song ought to be.. if you get my drift. I like it a lot. Nice ethnic lilt, good moody, very singalong. Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll be very good live – hope I’m wrong. I like it so much more than that heaven and hell tripe they gave us last year.

    It needs to have the instrumental passage repeated at the end to make it nicely symmetrical. They could speed up the unnecessarily slow bit in the middle to catch up the time.

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