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Eurovision 2009: Denmark

May 2, 2009

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There’s one word for this and that word is no.



Not only is the song bland, the presentation bland but Brinck is blander than bland himself. Those top notes aren’t getting any easier either. I’m prepared to let this slip through the net and fall to the bottom of the ocean at the second semi-final, if only I had the chance to vote. 



There is a moment in this rendition of Denmark’s Ronan Keating-written and Ronan Keating-impersonated song Believe Again when my withering dislike of the Boyzone style is offset by the sound of a woman who sounds as though she’s had her wrists slit. Be sure to keep a careful ear out at around 1’28” just as the camera circles the singer for the umpteenth time. It raises a smile.

Overlook another example of how an audience seems prepared to applaud at anything and you’ll hear an OK sort of song.

It’s simple and perky, tub-thumping and pleasant. It’s the squeaky-clean boy from next door who isn’t gay but who women of a certain age adore and men looking for boyfriend material wouldn’t mind showing to their mums if only the boy in question would have that third pint of lager and experiment a bit. Yes, that’s a long way to go without any punctuation, but you get the gist. There’s something there for everyone. 

It’s not my kind of song. But it might be yours.

  1. Chris permalink

    I’m convinced this song is called “Believe Again” in Ronan’s hope that he could look at the annals of Eurovision history in the future and read:

    2008 – Believe
    2009 – Believe (again)

    Actually I like this song a lot. It’s Ronan’s best song and he very kindly gave it to someone else. It’ll all depend on the performance (of course) and also the staging – I’d love to see it do a FOTWOL. (Especially as then I’ll win about £1200).

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