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Eurovision 2009: Hungary

May 2, 2009

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What fresh hell is this? How can a song I formerly liked suddenly crash and burn so very swiftly? Let me tell you why. It’s the fugging costumes. That’s why.

Zoli claims in the video he’s sharing a surprise with us – precious little surprises left in store for us for the second semi-final then Mister unless of course you’re going to sack the costume designer for dressing you like an elf whose started on a course of muscle-building steroids. 

I was an ardent fan now I’m an embarrassed one. Eurovision has been ruined. 


Zoli’s groovy dance number is fast becoming my favourite of this year’s contest. There maybe a handful of reasons for this. In a truly bizarre turn of events yesterday afternoon I found myself comparing notes of Zoli’s considerable “talent” with a newfound Twitter pal. Shortly after that I found myself watching his promo video again and again and again. And then some.

By the time it was time for me to go home I was fast approaching that point in time when a Eurovision song passes from perky, upbeat and uplifting to old, familiar and positively wallpaperish in its effect.

At the same point as this a work colleague and friend revealed his personal connection to Zoli (to go into the finer details of this would cross a number of professional barriers although you can, I’m sure, cross them quite easily yourself). This strange coiincidence was quite overwhelming, possibly itself a symptom of having “analysed” the promo video as much as I had.*  Thus Hungary’s song has secured its place in my top ten (quite possibly top five) list of credible winnable songs for all the wrong reasons. I’m shallow. That’s me.

Zoli’s performance however in his first rehearsal is in no way as tight as Sakis’ for Greece. I don’t think its meant to be.  There’s something appealing about the relaxed style the man has on his face. The performance communicates something far more palatable than Greece’s. Hungary is in it to have a good time. Yes, winning would be nice for them, but I don’t see chiselled desperation in the moves on stage – more confidence and contentment. Having said all that, I’m not one hundred percent confident about the singing (although I’d say the dancing is pretty spot on). On that basis I’d see Norway, Hungary and Greece in that order in the final leaderboard.

Good on yer Zoli. Lets see you steam through to the final with this one please.

* I might add I was extremely productive at work yesterday afternoon.


This is quite possibly my favourite song in the entire competition this year. And it’s down to one single chord progression in the chorus. Admittedly, the verse does go on a bit of a ramble before we get to that point, but wait for it and listen carefully and there’s a falling semitone in the bass which turns my knees to jelly.

It’s also a really engaging promo video – quite apart from the perky upbeat feel the song promotes – but there is (potentially) its weakness. Translating the party feel evident in the video to a live performance on the Eurovision stage could be tricky. There’s a risk it could look a bit naff. Hopefully it won’t as my biassed opinion concludes its a groovy little tune with a shelf-life long after Eurovision has been forgotten for this year (Sunday 17 May 2009 if you want to mark it in your diary). Singer Zoli Ádok does also look rather good in a sailor’s outfit. So, thumbs up all round really.

  1. Chris permalink

    I know a lot of people rather like this. I find his voice rather irritating. He’s got that Enrique Iglesias’ affectation of gently groaning with each tone when he’s trying to sound sincere. Gets on my nerves.

    Pleasant but forgettable in my book.

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