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Eurovision 2009: Slovenia

May 2, 2009

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A commenter on another song review – that Norwegian thing – pointed out that I shouldn’t forget that most people will see songs for the first time on the night of the semi-finals and make their judgement then. Consequently any bile which might be rising for any song might be lost. I may be disliking stuff because I’m listening to it too much. 

Not so with this. I didn’t like it to begin with and after the second rehearsal I don’t like it now. 


This song and it’s “performers” will never have any redeeming features and hearing Martina’s practice at the mixing desk before hand, I can’t help thinking that given how little time she’s had to sing and how little she has to move around on stage I’m disappointed she can’t get that bit right. It seems remarkable that 3 minutes of television could actually make me feel angry but this does. They might as well have just sent a DVD and stayed at home. 


Here’s an interesting selection of facts about this song. It’s largely instrumental in style, executed by a quartet of tall handsome Slovenians and a woman who spends two-thirds of the song behind a backlit screen doing her audition for the opening credits for Tales of the Unexpected. Somebody needs to tell her the series was pulled years ago. 

Strip out the scenery and remind yourself that instrumentalists mime on the Eurovision stage because everything’s sing their vocal line to a backing track and what are you left with? Around about a minute of vocal stylings in a song which harmonically speaking never reaches a resolution. It is technically therefore a song which could go on until the end of time.

One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    This is another piece of nonsense. It doesn’t sound like a proper instrumental. It sounds like a backing track and no one could be bothered to mix in the singer. I find it immensely tedious and with no redeeming features.

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