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Eurovision 2009: Estonia

May 3, 2009

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My real favourite of the evening. A Eurovision song for grown-ups who don’t want lots of silly leaping around stage. Simple, stylish and brooding. Loved it. 


This song is made for the vast set the Russians have constructed for this year’s contest. Industrial proportions for an industrial sounding song. There’s not a huge amount to say about the presentation other than it probably doesn’t need that much more rehearsal. It probably won’t win, but I wouldn’t in any way feel embarrassed to be Estonian. 


Now I come to listen to Estonia’s Urban Symphony, I’m finding myself keen to commit something which will quite possibly leave nearly everyone else laughing in the aisles. Estonia and Norway share the same gimmick. They both make extensive use of the violin as a gimmick. But where Norway’s song would be left wanting were it not for the dancers and the violin riff and the cutesy Alexander, Estonia’s track communicates class and integrity and doesn’t dissolve into meaningless pap on incessant listens.

I can’t see Estonia carrying off the crown – although I wouldn’t necessarily feel as short-changed as I have done in recent years if they did.

More important for the producers of this track is the following. I will happily listen to this long after the announcement is made regarding this year’s winner. At this moment in time, longevity seems more important than who comes top of the pile.

  1. Chris permalink

    It’s classy “but is it art??”

    I find it all a bit boring really. I know. I am weighed in the balance and found wanting.

    I would like to like it much more than I do.

  2. Jon permalink

    I agree, I also think this was my favourite of the evening, especially as it was sung in Estonian. There were several other countries that sung in English that I wanted to hear in their native tongue, they didn’t need to be heard in English. Bought the track off Amazon and it sounds even better.
    This was also way better than the British entry, though the general quality of musical entries is getting better with each passing year.

  3. Jon permalink

    I meant to say I agree with the original blog entry, not Chris’s reply above.

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