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Eurovision 2009: Lithuania

May 3, 2009

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Lithuania’s placing in the second semi-final made for a refreshing performance and as a result saw me quite enjoying Sasha’s song. I’m still not a big fan – the hat remains steadfastly attached to his head it seems – but he’s a quality performer and it will establish a tone at the beginning of the Final which other countries will fail to live up to. 



OK, so not only does Lithuania’s Sasha not read this blog (if he had I’m certain he would have ditched that ridiculous pork pie hat he donned in the promo video and the first rehearsal) but I’m also getting the impression that he’s quite possibly a bit of a diva. I could be wrong. I’m probably judging solely on his video appearance which in itself is not exactly fair, but the thing is Sasha dahling … you’re just there to sing the song. You’re not there to worry about the video backdrop or about whether or not things are fair.

Eurovision isn’t fair really. Lots of people have complained about it not being fair for quite a long time. The Swedes did way back in the late sixties and then Abba won and then they stopped complaining as I recall looking at the archives. I do it all the time. The fairweather viewers constantly harp on about political voting, so don’t whine about things not being fair. It’s not becoming. 

What Sasha doesn’t quite realise is that he shouldn’t really have anything on his video wall behind apart from one splash of colour – similar to the effect he had generated in his promotional video (see bottom of this post). Why? Because simple and stylish would compliment this simple and stylish song delivered by a man who has an unfailing skill at delivering a melismatic melody with the appropriate style and panache.

His is a rich voice which doesn’t need an open collar or a gimmicky hand-held flame at the end of it nor should it have any distracting graphics – and certainly no naff image of a keyboard – to distract us viewers. The song isn’t to everyone’s tastes but it is stylish. So, be stylish Sasha and don’t whine. 



Lose that ridiculous pork-pie hat, then we’ll talk. OK?



Don’t you just love the colour purple? Its rich and luxurious and soothing and stylish. I do love the colour purple. 

I can’t categorically say the same for Sasha Son and his song Love for Lithuania. This strikes me as a mish mash of styles with a handful of references to Queen, black soul and Justin Timberlake all mixed into one. The hat is annoying but the piano riff infectious. It’s not as wearily irritating as some of the entries I’ve heard this year and does demonstrate some integrity, especially in terms of his performance. 

Ultimately however, this is a song I will learn to love by repeat listens. It is also a song I will listen to it a few years from now and find it provoking a strong visual image: me sat in the kitchen with a large glass of red wine staring at one of my cats sat underneath a shrub with deep purple flowers outside the backdoor.

Well done Lithuania. You don’t come off bad. You just don’t strike an immediate chord.

One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    The Colour Purple – yes memorable. More so than the song. Coming away with an impression of a colour rather than a tune – it’s a bit like going to a musical and coming out whistling the set.

    I’m happy to hear the first minute, and I quite enjoy it, and then I’ve had enough, thank you.

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