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TV: The One Show (feat. Jade Ewen)

May 4, 2009

Jade on The One Show

Monday 4 May 2009

There were moments during the Bank Holiday edition of BBC One’s The One Show when UK Eurovision lass Jade Ewen was the sanest person on the sofa. She was joined by Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Philips and a handful of the show’s roving reporters and true to form demonstrated the ease she feels in front of the cameras. Media appearances are not daunting experiences for our girl Jade.

Arlene is apparently responsible for the staging. Her input? According to Philips, she’ll be keeping an eye on Jade’s camera technique and just making sure any walking which has to be done on stage meets the appropriate standard. I had no idea the BBC were looking for somebody like that. If I had been I would have offered my services for free in late January. Hey ho. I’ll just stay at home at watch it instead.

No Eurovision feature in a daily magazine show could not include a quick look at the competition which for this brief segment predictably included Serbia’s act, Netherlands bid for world peace The Toppers (sporting white jackets instead of their silver numbers) and the Czech Republic’s Gipsy wotnot song. Be sure to browse through a handful of brutally dismissive reviews of the stronger competition here.

It’s Jade’s last appearance on British TV before she is subjected to the Eurovision hoards in Moscow. Like her Saturday Kitchen appearance on BBC One at the weekend, she’s looking good. So good in fact, I can’t help myself but to bite my bottom lip thinking about her being out in Moscow.

I’m 36. I really need to get a grip. Jade’s appearance may have been easier to deal with compared to the Jonathan Ross show the other night, I’m still striking the image of the winning trophy in her hands from my mind. We’d rather like to just do well, if it’s all the same to you.

Watch Jade Ewen on the The One Show (UK only) via the BBC iPlayer. Available until Monday 11 May 2009.


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