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Eurovision 2009: Germany

May 5, 2009

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I should remain loyal to another of the Big Four countries who contribute the most dosh to the Eurovision spectacle. The likes of Brits should stick closely together with Germany, France and Spain and that should extend to the songs they sing as well which – if you didn’t realise already are the last to rehearse because they appear in the final automatically.

As such the Big Four won’t get as much stage time by virtue of them not having to compete in either of the semi-finals. Like France, Spain and the UK, Germany’s stage performer is assured and certainly doesn’t need additional time to iron out technicalities.

What this act comes down to is the song. It’s OK and it ticks Eurovision boxes but it doesn’t WOW me especially and that Blues Brother bit in the middle is still bothering me.

That said, like Portugal’s presentation, Germany’s backdrop graphics are really quite good. They’re appropriate. They bring the long shots alive (although I know these may not be shots we’ll see in the final show) and show just how the entire stage area can be transformed into something refreshingly different from the usual club beat environment we’ve seen in a few other acts. 


Alex’s Miss Kiss Bang 

I’m conflicted here and I may well have to start introducing some other deciding factors into the reviewing mix as well as paying due reverence to the obvious abilities of Germany’s singer Alex.

Quite apart from the obviously polished performance and unusual sound (even if it is highly imitative – and if I hear that Blues Brothers reference one more time I may possibly throttle next doors children) is the marvellous TV set.

I’m a sucker for good presentation and I have in the past got very excited about TV sets. A particular favourite was Belgium’s in 1987 – all very modern, futuristic and (most importantly) uncluttered). So too here. Simple, airy and a distinct change from the usual heavy and intense sets we’ve seen in recent years.

Yes, that’s right. I’m a bit of a dullard to be concerned about that kind of stuff. Surely, I should be concnetrating on the songs. Possibly, although as any serious Eurovision fan will tell you, the committed amongst us are always striving for the utterly perfect Eurovision show. If Germany hosted it and they could claw in the same set designers we’d be a few steps closer to heaven.

Alex Swings! Oscar Sings! makes use of too many exclamation marks for my liking (even if they “apparently” coming back into fashion). Singer Alex Christiansen’s voice is too close an imitation of an already established singer (the name escapes me) for me to take it seriously however. All the time I end up thinking “use your own voice, don’t use someone else’s”. This is a shame as the performance looks good in this studio version (the promo video is a little shameless with its map of Europe and Alex’s jacket / shirt thrown open for the now obligatory eyeful – jesus, I’m such a bitchy queen).

But there is one overriding thing about this song which makes me wriggle uncomfortably in my seat more than anything else. Its the opening line whispered into the microphone. If I was the producer, that would have to go and it wouldn’t matter if Alex flashed me a smile or ripped off his shirt either. The line is too cheesy for Eurovision.

Oh .. and one other thing Alex. We’re cutting the tap dancing. Save that for another show.

One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    This has taken a long time to grow on me. I liked Roger Cicero from day one, but this has never appealed as much. I think because his song had rather clever lyrics and I think of this song as being the “do the dib-de-dib-de-dee” song. Musically it’s cool. Another one that should be better than it is. But it’s ok. I can put up with it.

    And I don’t like too many silly lyrics. I can take one verse of dib-dees but by the time we get the coochey-bang-bang I want to hit out at something.

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