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Eurovision 2009: Our other girl out in Moscow

May 11, 2009

I have the mobile number of the BBC producer responsible for Jade’s performance on Saturday night programmed on my phone. It helps me keep tabs on what’s going on out there. I’m obsessed after all. I do like to make everything’s OK. I couldn’t do anything if it wasn’t, I just like to be kept informed. I’m a pompous arsehole, it goes without saying. 

As it happened, I did text the lovely Tumbridge last night as I exited Star Trek at the IMAX (take my advice, a front row seat at the IMAX is a BAD idea). She texted back almost immediately providing me a reassuring report with what was going on and to keep an eye out for her blog on the BBC Eurovision website today. 

Relatively productive as my day has been (my boss exited the interviews he was hosting presumably to keep a check on my output so I need to stress that I was reasonably productive), I didn’t get a chance to check up on what Producer Tumbridge had written. Instead I did so at home. The following leapt out at me:

You know, not many things makes me cry. Not many things cause the hairs to stand up on the back of my neck. Not many things cause me to catch my breath. But Jade Ewen at 2 minutes 15 seconds into your first rehearsal, all three things happened at once. When Jade hits those notes, the place genuinely stopped, show workers, crew, fans alike stood, listened and many a jaw was heard hitting the floor. She is a superstar. Do you think now is the time to ask her to open my school fete?

Frankly, what she writes makes ME cry. I do so hope it all works on Saturday night. I want to be crying on Saturday night. I want to be crying buckets.

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