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Eurovision 2009: Russia

May 13, 2009


As last year’s winners and this year’s host, Russia gets automatically put through to the final. Consequently, aside from rehearsals, we’ve not seen Russia’s act perform. 


I do still like the song and there’s some terribly appealing about the sight of the massive stage with Anastasia’s face plastered all over the backdrop and her just stood up front singing earnestly into the microphone. It is rather powerful and I am a very big fan of less is more. This rehearsal is from a few days ago now so I’m almost certainly WAY out of date, but watching it now (because I’ve deliberately denied myself the opportunity to review a song during the last week – you know, just to be a contrary arsehole) I know damn well it won’t look anything like this in the final show. I don’t have anything to back that theory up. And even if there was something on the internet, do you really think I can be bothered to go look for it let alone link to it? This Eurovision business is incredibly demanding after all. So no, I bet you it won’t look like this and I also bet that when I see it on Saturday night I may go off it. But I’ll still happily listen to it just for a chance to hear Anastasia go a bit crazy at the end. 


I deliberately held one song back from my intensive series of review sessions solely because as I progressed through the 42 songs I found myself beginning to rather enjoy the process.

What could be better? I get to stare at videos of the competition in Eurovision 2009 and then swiftly turn to a blank page in a blog template to commit my apparently considered responses to a series of songs. No-one will read them. And if they do, all they’ll think is: “You Pompous Arsehole. What do you know? And who cares what you think you know anyway?”

I don’t know much. But I know what I like. And I’m also a dab hand at relying on a cliche when there’s nothing else to say. 

Mind you, I’ll happily tap my foot along to Russia’s song for 2009. I do like the chords. There’s a fair amount of melancholy and I especially like her freefall moment in the final reprise. I’m not sure I’d necessarily like Russia to win again – I don’t think this is necessarily strong enough to carry another win – but I’ll happily play Mamo again when Eurovision 2009 is a distant memory. Promise.

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  1. Chris permalink

    You Pompous Arsehole. What do you know? And who cares what you think you know anyway? 🙂

    What’s that form of literary criticism that says you can’t understand a work unless you consider it in connection with the author’s life and character… constructionalist? deconstructionalist? Can’t remember. Anyway that’s the problem I have with this,

    I like the song very much. The chorus is catchy and singalong using cod-Russian sounding made up words. Very entertaining. I don’t really like the shouty bit at the end.

    But I find it hard to get over what I know about the singer and her appalling racism. And that kind of kills it for me. Shame.

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