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Eurovision 2009: The boy can play

May 14, 2009

I hate myself for this. I really do.

Only a few minutes before posting this I was conveying to recently acquired Twitter conversant that I refused to be swayed by Alexander Rybak and his cute smile, chiselled jaw and obvious assured performance on stage because it sounded all formulaic. I refused to follow the Norway bandwagon. I didn’t want to enjoy a song purely because it was a) good and b) everyone else said it was going to win. I wanted to be different. I wanted to champion any underdogs who might be in the Contest. I wanted to retain some hope there might be a nail-biting finish or a surprise victory for someone else.

I’ve now watched this video of an “impromptu” performance in the Eurovision press centre and now I have to formally announce that I have given up refusing to join the tiresome Eurovision bandwagon. This man can obviously play the violin and dance and sing. The song sounds just as good as it does without the backing track.

And yes, I hate myself for having to confess all of that and not only that I’m only mildly irritated that Norway have such a brilliant contribution and almost certain winning song this year. Sorry everybody else. I think it’s a one-horse race. I find that irritating, obviously, but maybe that irritation will have eeked its way out of my system by Saturday night. The question is, will I vote Norway or an underdog on Saturday night?

  1. Nooooo! I make it my life’s aim never to move with the crowd and, yes, he is very chiselled and can sing but we’ve gotta stay positive. Jade to win! Woo!

  2. Chris permalink

    It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong.

    You know my feelings on this song.

    As we get closer to the night I am beginning to feel that it won’t win, simply because of the wish to support an underdog. Of course, it will all depend on his performance on the night. He isnt always note perfect, but somehow that adds to the charm.

    But it’s the song I have played most often over the past three months and amazingly I am still not tired of it.

  3. I’ve completely ignored/missed the whole Eurovision gossip so far but have to admit, this is actually a good song. I can happily listen to it. What’s the world coming to.

  4. No! Never! Norway nul point!!!

    It’s inevitable though, isn’t it. My stats have gone through the roof with people doing searches on “Alexander Rybak” and I only mentioned him in passing.

    The other query I’m getting is “is Roli Adok gay?” Ha ha ha.

  5. Hedgie – a surprising query really … although obviously I’m suggesting I know this gospel … I don’t have irrefutable proof … only anecdotal evidence and that would never do.

  6. Zoli for the win 🙂

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